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Accounts Receivable Financing/Invoice Factoring

The Invoice Bankers is a nationwide factoring services company, offering funds for your business based on your accounts receivable.  If you are seeking asset-based lending, invoice factoring, accounts receivable financing, invoice discounting, factoring services, or creative financing solutions, we may be able to help.  Our goal is to solve your cash flow problems and meet your working capital needs.

The Invoice Bankers offers working capital for your business based on your invoices to your customers or clients — your accounts receivable.  Accounts receivable are a major asset for many smaller and growing businesses, why not put yours to work in financing your company?  If your customers are other businesses, we can often provide your business with the capital it needs based on your accounts receivable.

We think of factoring as a way to finance your sales. If your sales go up, the amount of your financing automatically goes up. Cash flow crunches can be avoided and you don’t have to worry about slow-paying customers. As a leading factoring company, we customize our invoice factoring services to meet your cash flow needs.

An Alternative to Asset-Based Lending & Working Capital Loans

rounded-botton_189x98If you are considering traditional sources of capital such as asset based lending, SBA loans, working capital loans, or small business loans, why don’t you give The Invoice Bankers a try?  Unlike traditional sources, we don’t mind if your company’s credit is poor or not yet established, nor do we look at other factors important to traditional lenders such as a track record of profitability, positive net worth, whether you have hard assets for collateral, etc.  With us, you can use the creditworthiness of your customers to get the working capital you need.

Receivables-based financing (often called factoring) has many advantages over loans and other types of financing.  You can avoid: restrictive covenants, tying up all your assets, giving up equity, the burden of periodic loan payments, and going through frequent loan reviews.  To see how factoring might work for your company, take a look at the wealth of information on our web site, including industries served, the financing matrix, case studies, articles, and other information.  If factoring is suitable for your company, Invoice Bankers will try to set up a factoring program that gives your company the capital it needs, while freeing you to concentrate on what you do best — running your business and increasing sales.