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Factoring for Subscription-Based Businesses


If your business produces a product or service that is paid for in relatively small dollar amounts on a monthly basis, The Invoice Bankers may be able to jump-start your growth. Assuming your business has a fairly high gross profit margin, the marketing cost to obtain new subscribers is probably your largest expense. If your business is relatively new or desires to grow fairly rapidly, then obtaining capital to pay for marketing would normally be difficult. However, The Invoice Bankers may be able to provide financing based on the receivables from subscribers. We have done this in a number of areas over the last 10 years.

Customized Accounts Receivable Financing from Industry Experts

One of our strengths is our ability to develop unique customized programs that are tailored to your business’s individual situation. We would want to develop an understanding of the particular circumstances of your operating environment and an understanding of your needs for capital. One thing to keep in mind is that factoring does not involve giving away any of your equity or management control as would probably be the case if you were able to bring in outside investors or venture capital firms. Providing financing in these types of situations is outside of the norm for most all factoring companies and other capital providers. However our track record and success in this area makes Invoice Bankers very interested in these types of situations.

It is difficult to generalize about what we call subscription-based businesses, as there are many types of products or services and industry areas that could benefit from funding by The Invoice Bankers. At least make contact with us to see if we are able to provide capital given your situation.