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Invoice Factoring Services Offered

The Invoice Bankers is a factoring services company that offers accounts receivable factoring, business financial services, invoice factoring, invoice discounting and a number of other financial solutions for cash flow problems.

What can it do for your business?

invoice factoringFactoring can help you get the funding your company needs. An accounts receivable financing and factoring company like The Invoice Bankers gives your business an advance payment up front based on your accounts receivable and invoices. This allows you to immediately get the cash flow and working capital your company needs, without having to wait.

Cash Flow Problems? Past due to suppliers — or to your employees?

Many businesses, particularly small to mid-sized and rapidly-growing companies, use factoring to:

  • Generate instant working capital
  • More easily predict and manage cash flow
  • Increase sales by offering customers competitive extended credit terms.
  • Avoid cash flow problems caused by customers with long payment cycles

Companies of all types, from a wide array of industries, are able to better manage cash flow and benefit from factoring services like accounts receivable financing, invoice factoring, and invoice discounting. Some common examples include construction and/or contractor factoring, service companies of all types, temporary employment agencies, healthcare and commercial businesses, consulting companies, software companies, manufacturing businesses, and many more.