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The Invoice Bankers may be able to provide capital to your business based on your accounts receivable. We do this through a process called “factoring”, which involves advancing money to your company right now for your invoices, that way you don’t have to wait however long it takes for them to be paid. In order for us to do this, your invoices must be to other businesses that are credit-worthy. Unlike traditional funding sources, we look at your customers’ credit, not yours or your company’s. We generally advance 70% to 85% of the amount of your invoices right away, and give you the remaining amount when they are paid (less our fees).  In order for factoring to work, your company needs to submit at least an average of $15,000 in invoices per month to us for factoring. If your company could use more capital and meets the above criteria, please fill out the Short Form below to securely transmit your information directly to us:

If you don’t have the required information to quickly fill out our Short Form above, have a quick question about it, or if you would prefer to speak with a live person instead, you can always reach us toll-free at 1-888-740-1750.

Privacy Policy: Any information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used by The Invoice Bankers for the purpose of evaluating whether we can offer you a suitable financing option for your business. We do not share or sell our information to any third parties.  We are a long-time member of the International Factoring Association. This form and website have SSL Encryption and Real-Time Malware Scanning for your protection.  For complete details, you can also view our full privacy policy here.