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Service Businesses

If your business provides a service to other businesses, then you may be a prime candidate for receiving capital from The Invoice Bankers through factoring. As a service business, you probably don’t have a lot of “hard assets” such as heavy equipment, buildings, and the like, that all lenders require you to put up as collateral before they are able to provide any financing to you. Moservice-providerre than likely, the largest asset on your balance sheet is your accounts receivable. As you grow and take on more clients and larger clients, the level of your accounts receivable will also rise. This produces a cash flow squeeze, as your employees and vendors will still want to be paid just as quickly regardless of how long it takes for you to get paid. Unfortunately, the larger the client, the more slowly they will want to pay you, adding to the problem.

The Invoice Bankers has provided money to service businesses through factoring for more than 20 years. We have worked with many different types of consultants, designers, accountants, communications service providers, and other service businesses. We will at least be somewhat familiar with your operating environment and the challenges you face. We are able to provide factoring for early-stage businesses as well as those that are well-established.

Solve your business cash flow problems with service industry invoice factoring

Obtaining capital for your business from The Invoice Bankers is relatively quick and easy. The key things we look for are whether your clients have good enough credit to pay your invoices, and whether they are happy with your work. We have the utmost respect for the relationships you have developed with your clients, and understand that these are critical to your success. All of our activities are conducted in a manner to avoid any negative impact on your client relationships. This is an important characteristic that separates Invoice Bankers from the other factoring firms out there. For example, most other factors will not hesitate to bother your clients if one of your invoices gets a few days old or a credit memo comes through. That is because they have institutionalized the factoring process. We are small enough to customize all of our procedures so that they are consonant with the way you conduct your business and respectful of the needs of your clients.

There is no need to turn away good business from larger or slow-paying clients. The Invoice Bankers through factoring of your receivables, can bridge the gap between paying your people and vendors and when you finally receive payment from such a client. Of course, factoring is not free, but you will make much more money from these bigger contracts or projects than the additional expense of factoring.

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