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Manufacturing Factoring

manufacturerIf your products are sold to other businesses for their own use or for resale, The Invoice Bankers can probably help with your cash flow needs.  Taking on a large order, or a new customer that is slow-paying, offers a lot of potential benefit to your company, but also involves a possible strain on your finances.  Manufacturers are often able to obtain relatively low cost financing for their plant and equipment, as these are the types of assets that the vast majority of lenders must have as collateral to lend against.  However, obtaining financing for increased accounts receivable levels is not easy, especially when your “hard” assets are pretty much loaned up.

The Invoice Bankers has provided money to manufacturing businesses through factoring for more than 20 years.  We have worked with manufacturers serving many industries through out the U.S.  We will at least be somewhat familiar with your operating environment and the challenges you face.  We will always be ready to develop a customized program designed to meet your needs for capital while fitting in with your procedures.

Effective Accounts Receivable Financing for Manufacturers

Obtaining capital for your business from The Invoice Bankers is relatively quick and painless.  The key things we look for are whether your customers have good enough credit to pay your invoices, and whether they are happy with your products.  All of our procedures respect the relationships you have developed with your customers and are designed to minimize any negative impact on your customer relationships.  We understand that customer relationships are critical to your success.

There is no need to turn away good business from larger or slow-paying customers.  The Invoice Bankers through factoring of your receivables, can bridge the time gap between paying your employees and vendors, and when you finally receive payment from such a customer.  Of course, factoring is not free, but you will make much more money from these bigger orders than the additional expense of factoring.